IPAC is a non-profit, advocacy support organisation, which seeks to function as a support system to civil society organisations and development institutions operating at international, national and local levels. IPAC’s outreach extends to all over India and three other countries of South Asia, i.e. Sri Lankan,Nepal and Bangladesh.

IPAC believes that professional advocacy or public affairs work is an important instrument to strengthen the position of social movements in the dynamic power games in many countries. It is a way to deal with the other actors in society, based on (power) analysis, negotiation and the creation of level playing fields where deals, favourable for the client groups(s) can be made. Most social organisations have to work hard to keep up with the developments in their target groups and in society (the economy and politics). Specialists to support these complex relationships with the public sector and the private sector can contribute to the efforts of CSOs and NGOs and make them more effective in their work for the client groups (as always the people in need, the marginalised). This also means that the Centre aims to ensure that local communities and civil society organizations have an important voice in decisions that affect them. 

The Centre does not intend to compete with other NGOs and development organisations by virtue of being an agency for value addition in terms of providing increased and improved access to political decision making processes and civil servants involved in decision making.