For the last 20 years, the TIP Report has continuously documented the growing movement against human trafficking and provided a road map for governments to address the crime, laying out realistic and actionable policy priorities and insisting on continuous improvement. It has tracked the seriousness with which governments take this issue, not just in verbal commitments but also in concrete action. For two decades, the TIP Report has kept a spotlight focused on a crime many may have preferred to ignore. The TIP Report urges governments to come to the table to fight this global crime. Its efficacy depends on consensus around the idea that everyone has inherent value and human dignity requires that they be free. When traffickers interfere with this freedom, they weaken the foundation of free
and just societies. The last 20 years have shown that criminalizing all forms of human trafficking and providing victims with access to comprehensive care require commitment and time. Yet, when governments take action and lead, progress toward a world free from human trafficking is possible. One pressing need is for governments to end the practice of state-sponsored forced labor. Other global priorities for governments are to increase labor trafficking prosecutions; to repeal laws that require force, fraud, or coercion for child sex trafficking; and to stop penalizing victims for unlawful acts their traffickers compel them to commit. These and other priorities are integral to the pursuit of freedom. For the next 20 years and beyond, the TIP Report will continue to serve these ends.

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