Over a period of time, advocacy and campaigning have come to be the major areas of intervention of the Centre. Advocacy, which is an act of putting a problem on the agenda of public sector, conceptualizing a providing a solution to that problem and building support for acting on both the problem and the solution, is undertaken as support strategy to capacity building as well as an independent action by itself. As the act of advocacy responds to a range of issues, both thematic and functional, it encompasses a whole range of methods and approaches used to change the policies and practices that function as obstacles to development and social justice.

In addition to advocacy actions, IPAC provides advocacy support to the campaigns and project of activists in civil society arena. The advocacy support could include many things such as drawing up a campaign plan; organizing meetings with experts; researching policy in preparation for an advocacy lobby campaign; monitoring and evaluating advocacy campaigns and so forth.

The primary purpose of advocacy and campaigning at IPAC include influencing public policy and practice, to influence public attitudes and behaviour, and to engage with decision making processes to ensure that that affected communities are involved, especially in case of mining and other extractive industries. This engagement and influencing is expected to empower affected communities to influence the decisions that affect them.